Tekno Event 2018


On May 19, 2018 (during the Whitsun weekend) the time has come again, the 13th edition of the Tekno Event! Tekno, manufacturer of miniature trucks, opens its doors again.

An outing for the whole family with a wonderful truck show and entertainment for young and old! Every year there are some 4,000 interested people traveling to the "Truck Event 2018" in De Lier. 2018 is a special year for Tekno, because we celebrate our 90th anniversary.For this special occasion, a beautiful exhibition has been set up in the museum, giving an overview of 90 years of Tekno.

In addition to this exhibition, the permanent collection of more than 8,000 truck miniatures can also be admired. In the museum you will also find the sale of the Tekno models, where you will be treated with great offers and you will also take your chance on the wheel of fortune!

Outside you can enjoy over 100 unique trucks from the Netherlands and abroad, parts sales, beautiful mini trucks, a decibels contest and ride with show trucks for charity!

The geniality among the visitors during the event guarantees a friendly chat or a nice reunion with old friend. Of course, the children are also thought of, with entertainment such as a bouncy castle, coloring pages, face painting, grab bag etc.

For the inner man, the catering will once again take care of a snack and a drink, where the terrace and the bar will be the central center again.

At the end of the afternoon there is, like every year, the spectacular exit parade of the trucks, an event that you can not miss!


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